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Scientific research cooperation

on mass spectrometry technology

Scientific research cooperation on mass spectrometry technology

Health Biotechnology has dozens of high-precision chromatographic mass spectrometry detection equipment, with strong analytical capabilities and a wide range of analysis. It mainly carries out drug concentration monitoring, steroid hormone detection, micronutrient detection, metabolic disease detection and other projects, serving Scientific research, physical examination, clinical auxiliary diagnosis, drug clinical trials, etc.

Health Biotechnology has a high-quality, international professional research and development team of experts mainly returned to the country. It has gathered well-known experts and academic leaders at home and abroad. Currently, it has established medical laboratories in Nanchong, Sichuan, and Taizhou, Jiangsu. Provide high-quality inspection and testing capabilities and huge inspection data.

Establishment of Marker Methodology
The cooperation is mainly aimed at the following situations: first, the research team intends to start mass spectrometry research; second, the research team has accumulated some experience or achievements in mass spectrometry research and development, and hopes to have further breakthroughs. For example, after the research team has discovered valuable small molecule markers, Health Bio can assist in the establishment of rigorous mass spectrometry detection methods to meet the requirements for absolute quantitative or structural chemical analysis of small molecule markers.
Clinical Application of Mass Spectrometry
After the methodology is established, Health Bio can assist in clinical verification. Through long-term follow-up of the disease group, continuous monitoring of large samples of cases, data collection and comparative analysis, and finally screening of high-risk markers closely related to the disease.
Articles published
After the research results are formed, Health Bio can use the strong technical team to assist in all stages of the publication of the article.
The whole process output of mass spectrometry laboratory technology
Preparatory technical output
According to the status quo of the mass spectrometry laboratory and the requirements of mass spectrometry testing, Hearth Bio assisted in laboratory planning, design, equipment replacement and preparation of laboratory SOP documents, and helped complete the construction of the mass spectrometer laboratory.
Inspection work technical output
After the construction of the laboratory is completed, Health Bio can provide various technical services for your institution, including technical training, technical support, entry of professionals, joint scientific research, publication of academic articles, exploration of valuable new markers, etc. At the same time, the results will be shared and confidential.
Quality control technology output
Health Bio has a wealth of quality control experience and resources in the field of mass spectrometry testing, and can combine the actual conditions of the laboratory to formulate corresponding plans to assist the laboratory in quality control work, ensure the accuracy of test results, and improve the level of mass spectrometry testing in your institution.
Contact information for scientific research cooperation
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Peng Jiang
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